Another For-Purpose Kid is born!  Why we should be raising kids like Prince William & Princess Kate

Another For-Purpose Kid is born! Why we should be raising kids like Prince William & Princess Kate

Hear ye, hear ye- another For-Purpose Kid is born! 

YES!  Princess Kate gave birth on Monday to Royal Baby #3, a bouncing baby boy whose name is still TBD, although the “experts” are saying that Arthur, Albert & James are the most likely (at least that’s what people are betting on in the UK).

I’ve always been fascinated by everything “Royal Family”

…and even have the commemorative spoons and mugs to prove it. 

Perhaps it stems from the year I lived in London after college, or perhaps it’s because I grew up like most girls in the US, where the idea of being a princess sounded magical and wonderful. 

However, most of us have grown up now and have realized, along with the many stories written about fallen princesses, that being a princess is probably a great deal harder than it looks.

With that being said, there is something so relatable and “down to earth” about Prince William and Princess Kate and like most of the world, I’ve become captivated by them, and the royal family, once again. 

So when I came across this article last year that talked about the importance they place on teaching their kids strong values like kindness, respect and honesty, I thought,

“Wow- they’re raising For-Purpose Kids!”

But it was the last part of this quote in bold that grabbed me the most, that let me know she “got it” and gave me great hope for the parents that are raising the next generation of kids:

“My parents taught me about the importance of qualities like kindness, respect and honesty. I realize how central values like these have been to me throughout my life.  That is why William and I want to teach our little children, George and Charlotte, just how important these things are as they grow up. In my view, it is just as important as excelling at maths or sport.”


Someone else, and someone that I admired, put into words exactly the message I wanted to communicate with For-Purpose Kids, that qualities like kindness, respect and compassion are JUST AS IMPORTANT to teach to our kids as soccer and times tables. 

Can you imagine what the world would look like if we spent 1-2 hours, PER WEEKEND, showing our kids how to volunteer in the community, be kind to one another or help protect the environment, rather than learn how to set up the best corner kick?

Now, don’t get mad!

I'm not saying that we should stop teaching our kids how to play sports- or sacrifice all of the lessons they learn playing team sports. 

But one of the objections I hear MOST when suggesting that families with young kids start doing good in their community is the lack of time that they have to do such things.  Yet, almost every family I know is willing to devote several hours per weekend to sports. 

So how about, once per month, thinking about devoting a few hours to cheering up the seniors at the local senior center, or picking up plastic and trash at your local beach or park? 

Think about the kinds of things you like to do as a family and how you can combine those things with doing good- it will not only connect you to something you’re already passionate about but it will also make the experience more fun.

If you need more ideas of things you can do with young kids to teach kindness and how to do good in the world, we have LOTS in our Toolkits & Subscription!

Although you may not get as much press and attention as the royal family, we know you’ll FEEL as good as they do instilling these important values in the next generation…and who doesn’t want to feel like that?

In 💜 & Kindness,

Misty, Inspired Founder of For-Purpose Kids

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