Baby Hero Lucky Cat Onesie

For-Purpose Kids Partners with Baby Hero…Tell Me More, Tell Me More!

TELL ME MORE, TELL ME MORE! (Admit it, you’re singing this song from Grease in your head right now)

OK- here’s the scoop on our new partnership…

When I started brainstorming ideas for For-Purpose Kids, one of the things I realized I wanted to do was to highlight and support companies that offered products for kids AND were focused on doing good in the world.  So when I met Samar Shaheryar, Co-Founder of Baby Hero, last year at a Holiday Market in Hong Kong, I knew that this was the type of company that I wanted to partner with.

Baby Hero Lucky Cat Onesie

So what is Baby Hero and what do they do? 

To put it simply- they make some of the most adorable baby onesies & footies out there ethically while using a portion of their proceeds to fund life-saving medical products for mothers and babies in need.  And as they so nicely state on their website, their values are to:

“Make the best baby clothes.  Protect our planet.  Fairly treat and fairly pay the women and men who make our products.  Use our business to ensure every baby has an equally healthy start to life.  Be and raise better global citizens.”  

While I can go on and on about all of the amazing details and background of Baby Hero, I’ll give you a link to their website here so you can learn more or you can click here to watch Samar talk about all of the amazing things they are doing to help newborns in underserved regions of the world.

Baby Hero- This Onesie Could Save a Life

So what does this have to do with For-Purpose Kids?

Well…they want to be and raise better global citizens…and SO DO WE!

With our new partnership with Baby Hero, you can now buy some of their best-selling onesies & footies directly on our website!  And not only will you be able to add these adorable clothes to your little one’s wardrobe or give a unique gift to a little munchkin, but you’ll be supporting an initiative to help mothers and babies around the world…and that Makes the World MORE Awesome, which is one of our biggest goals at For-Purpose Kids.

Oh…and here’s a few more things about Baby Hero that we thought you’d like to know before you fill your cart with their lovely things.

  1. All of their clothing is made with 100% organic cotton- so your babies will not only look cute, but they’ll feel all nice and snuggly too.
  1. Baby Hero is a Fair-Trade You may be asking…what exactly is Fair Trade? “From production to purchase, Fair Trade is a model of sustainable, ethical trade that puts people and planet first” (as defined by Fair Trade Certified)- so there you have it.
  1. All Baby Hero items are made with fair-labor standards at an ethical facility- more details from their website here about who they work with and why it’s so important.
  1. FREE Shipping Worldwide- YES, FOR REAL! Please allow 10-14 Business Days for your items to arrive after placing your order.
  1. My son has personally worn their adorable clothes and we are big fans so I will add my own personal endorsement- check out this adorable Global Kidizen!

Baby Hero Global Kidizen Onesie

I hope that you, our For-Purpose Fans, are as excited about this partnership as I am and that you don’t waste any time before heading over to begin some early holiday shopping here.  And I trust that this is the first of many collaborations that For-Purpose Kids will have with Social Good companies that offer unique kids products that make the world MORE awesome for my kiddo and yours!

Baby Hero Footies

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