For-Purpose Kids- what's it all about and why is it important for our kids?

For-Purpose Kids- what's it all about and why is it important for our kids?

I think most parents, grandparents and adults would agree that we want our kids to be good kids, right?  I was looking at my son the other day and wondering, now that he is almost 1...

What type of person will he be?

Of course, I envision that he will be kind, caring (about others AND the world around him), well behaved and smart...because let's face it- no one wants their kid to be the bully at school or the brat at the neighborhood birthday party.  But how do we know? What can we do to make sure that they become more like Hermione and less like Draco Malfoy?

My son at 11 months old

Now...the other thing I was wondering when I was looking at him was...

What type of world will he grow up in?

Will it be different than this divisive world we find ourselves in now?  I sure hope so.  I think most of us agree we want our kids to grow up in a world that is safe and just, where the opportunities that exist for some, are available and accessible to all.  So how can we go about changing it for the future?

Well, I think I need to quote a little Whitney Houston here (or Whit, as we used to call her in high school), because she really said it best:

"I believe the children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way..."

How many of you are singing the next line in your head right now?  Go ahead, we'll wait...

OK, back to the topic at hand.

We need to do something different and we need to start now, with our kids...

...and that's where For-Purpose Kids comes in.  Our mission is to "inspire empathy, compassion and purpose in young children through giving and volunteering" (didn't that give you a warm, fuzzy feeling all over?).  There are numerous studies out there that talk about the benefits of cultivating kindness and empathy in kids and you've probably seen, and read, a lot of them, yes?  And you've probably also seen several articles that tout the benefits of why getting our families involved in acts of giving and volunteering in the community is important, right?  Of course.  

But I know what you're sounds hard.

It sounds like this will be yet another thing that will be added on to an already long list of family activities and things we need to doing or should be doing.  But...what if For-Purpose Kids made it simple...and easy...and FUN for the whole family (does this sound like an infomercial yet)?  Well here you go.  Following is a list of resources and products that For-Purpose Kids provides, free of charge (with the exception of the Toolkit), to help inspire kids (and YOU!) to get involved in giving and kid friendly volunteer opportunities to create the world we want for our kids' future:

  • Links to websites and instructions on how to find kid friendly volunteer opportunities in your area by simply typing in your zip code (that's not hard, is it?) 
  • Links to organizations to help identify charities and non-profit entities that support your child's interests, whether they be focused on people in need, animals, the environment, etc.; Websites to determine if those organizations are responsible with their donations; Websites to help you easily set up online giving campaigns to support your children's efforts (you've seen several friends do this on social you can too!)
  • Five fictional For-Purpose Kid "characters" (did you notice our logo?), each with their own story of how they get involved to help support the things that they are most passionate about, along with accompanying activities that weave in these easily relatable characters (kids LOVE hearing stories about fun characters!)
  • Inspiring stories of real-life For-Purpose Kids, aged 5-10 years old, that are already doing amazing things to impact their future that can serve as role models for your kids (other kids are doing it, so why can't they?)
  • Our For-Purpose Kids Toolkit, available for sale on our website, contains all of the things necessary for your kids to begin the lifelong journey of getting involved with acts of giving and volunteering (what kid doesn't LOVE getting books and activities in the mail?)

So, what do you think?  Does that still sound too difficult?  Well, it is a bit of a commitment, but...

Aren't our kids worth it?

I know, for me, sometimes the things that seem the hardest are the ones that are the most fun and certainly...the most worthwhile.  So let's start a movement with For-Purpose Kids and "show them all the beauty they possess inside- GIVE them a sense of pride to make it easier.  Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be." (Whitney Houston, The Greatest Love of All)

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Kid friendly volunteer opportunities to promote compassion


Misty Castaneda

Love your message; we all need to think to the future, no matter how old we are. Keep up the good work.

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