Books We Love

Sharing and reading books with kids is a wonderful way to teach them about the world around them.

Here are some of the best books we've found that talk about being kind, doing good in the world for others, animals & the planet.


Books about Giving & Volunteering

The Giving Book by Ellen Sabin     (Included in our Toolkit)

 The Can Man by: Laura E. Williams, Illustrated by: Craig Orback

 Those Shoes by: Maribeth Roberts, Illustrated by: Noah Z. Jones

 Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen by: Dyanne Disalvo- Ryan

 Last Stop on Market Street Words by: Matt De La Peña  Pictures by: Christian Robinson

The Littlest Volunteers by: Danielle Speckhart, Illustrated by: Terry Kovalcik                                    

 Our Planet by: Jimi Lee

Other Books We Love

Believe in Yourself by: Trisha Rao

 The Dog Who Chased His Tail by: Gregory March, Illustrations by: Yae Yeung

 The Muddy Road by: Gregory March, Illustrations by: Yae Yeung

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