Who We Are: For- Purpose Kids is a global lifestyle brand designed to inspire kindness in kids through volunteering.  

How We Do It: We connect kids and families to kid-friendly giving and volunteering opportunities with our Toolkits & Events.

How We Give Back: 10% of our proceeds are donated to OneSky, a non profit organization whose mission is to "unlock the vast potential hidden in the world's most vulnerable young children."  We have partnered with OneSky to help provide meals and snacks for kids at their latest project- an Early Learning Center in Da Nang, Vietnam.

For-Purpose Kids as a Social Enterprise: It is our goal to re-invest all profits, above and beyond operating expenses, back into our mission of getting kids involved in giving and volunteering to inspire more empathy, compassion and purpose in the world.

Our Mission: Inspiring empathy, compassion and purpose in young children through giving and volunteering.  

Our Vision: A future where global citizens embrace differences, live in gratitude and have respect for all fellow human beings and the world around them.


In a world of increasing fear and conflict, it's important that we begin teaching young kids to be empathetic and compassionate towards others and about situations they may not be familiar with. By providing experiences for kids involving giving and volunteering, we'll be amazed at how feelings of fear will disappear and will be replaced with feelings of love and kindness. We're often afraid of what we don't know and if we can increase the exposure of young kids to new situations that allow them to build upon these important values, we'll see a much different world in the future.







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