Inspiring Stories from For Purpose Kids

Read about these amazing For Purpose Kids and how they're already taking action to make the world a better.

Dane, The "Original For Purpose Kid"

The Six-Year-Old from Texas that Started It All

It began with a video on Facebook of a six-year-old boy named Dane who was using his artistic skills to “do good” for others in his community. His project, self- titled "Where You Buy Art from Dane", raised $790 for the local food bank from donations he received for his art. Dane's act of kindness succeeded not only by helping those struggling with hunger in his community, but by empowering a young child to realize the difference he could make in the world. We often think our smallest citizens are "too little" to do anything meaningful for others, animals and the environment, but Dane just goes to show that even the youngest members of society can do BIG things to make the world a better place.

Dane's video planted the seed for what would grow to be For Purpose Kids and we can’t thank him enough for being a kind & compassionate global citizen!

Savannah & Friends Doing Good for Others

From Sending Care Packages to Women in the Military to Raising Money for Hurricane Harvey Victims, These Girls ARE Making a Difference in the World!

Savannah received her For Purpose Kids Toolkit in and started learning about what she could do to be kind & do good for others right away. After reading about several ideas, she decided to invite her friends to her over to make Valentine's Day cards & care packages to send to women in the military stationed overseas, to thank them for their service.

But this was just the beginning for Savannah. When she heard about Hurricane Harvey devastating Texas and other parts of the country, she and her friends got together to make a plan to help those affected. They approached their local grocery store and after receiving the green light, they set-up their "art shop", creating pictures for donations...(sound familiar?) and they exceeded their goal by almost 5 times, raising close to $500 for the American Red Cross- how AWESOME is that?

Jade Doing Her Part to Help the Planet

A Smart, Eager & Determined Girl Making a Difference in Her Community

Jade wasted NO time after receiving her first For Purpose Kids Toolkit and got straight to brainstorming about what she could do to be kind & do good for others, animals and the environment. As told to us by her Mom, "she's only through page 9 and already had two ideas to impact her community and started one of them (picking up trash to keep it beautiful and help our planet)! It's amazing how a little inspiration and encouragement can take a 7-year old's heart and energy and put it into action."

Later in the year, we heard again from Jade and her Mom and they let us know they'd been cleaning up the house, giving away clothing and toys they no longer needed, including old bikes and scooters. After that, Jade and her brother told their parents, “this community has trash everywhere, we are putting on gloves and cleaning it up!" And that's just what they did.

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