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This kit encourages kids to think about animal conservation on a community and global level, providing ideas on how to get involved. Best suited for ages 5-10.

Toolkit contains:

Moon’s Messenger, by Virginia Kroll & Zuzanna Celej- This book is one of our favorites! It reminds us how important it is to respect the environment and the animals that live here, too. We can all help protect the wildlife!

Activity Guide-  includes stories of the For Purpose Friends that champion this cause, fun games and activities, ideas for discussion relating to the characters and the featured book, as well as 5 Things your kids can do to help animals in the community and around the world.  A great way to interact with your kids and talk about meaningful topics in a kid-centered way.

Origami Animals- Our Origami animals are fun to fold and it’s really cool to see them begin to take shape and look like real animals! There are so many fun animal shapes to play around with. When your kids are done, it’ll be like having a zoo in your own home!

Reminder Bracelet- This bracelet is a great reminder that we share this planet with other animals. Everything should be protected. It’ll be fun for your kids to look down at their wrist and know that they’re helping protect animals.

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