October 19, 2021

For Purpose Kids’ Global Dolls are Designed to Inspire Empathy through Play

The Global Kidizens are a group of diverse characters from around the world created to help children discover different cultures, embrace others and encourage belonging. 

Orlando, Tuesday, October 19, 2021-- Today, For Purpose Kids (www.forpurposekids.com) announces the launch of the Global Kidizens, a unique collection of hand-knit dolls and stories designed to cultivate wonder and acceptance of others around the world by highlighting similarities and celebrating differences through storytelling and play.  
Each character is developed with partners from the country and culture the doll represents to bring authentic experiences and details to each story. The ethically and sustainably made dolls are created for children 3-8 years old. The first five characters represent cultures in Peru, India, China, Kenya and the United States.  
Each doll is beautifully hand-knit by artisans in Peru working within a certified fair-trade organization and using non-toxic, sustainable, 100% cotton yarn. The Global Kidizens are soft, perfect to play and snuggle with, and safe for both kids and the planet.  
Giving back has always been at the heart of For Purpose Kids, so for every Global Kidizen doll sold, a donation will be made to organizations chosen by partners in their home country. 
“We know that kids learn through play and we wanted to meet them where they’re at, to begin introducing social and emotional skills at an earlier age,” says Misty Castañeda, Founder of For Purpose Kids. “Empathy has declined more than 40% over the past four decades, according to recent research, and leading child psychologists agree that exposing children to diversity at an early age will enlarge their circle of caring and decrease this empathy gap.” In addition, new studies show that pretend, imaginative play, particularly with dolls, helps kids build social-emotional skills, like empathy and acceptance of themselves and others.  
The Global Kidizen Doll Collection is a fun and simple way to introduce kids to new people and places, to help expand their circle, build empathy and reaffirm the value of everyone in the world. Families are already raving about the Global Kidizens.   
The Kickstarter campaign will run for 30 days, from Oct.19 through Nov. 17, 2021, and a limited number of dolls will be available to purchase for delivery during the holiday season. For more information and to support the campaign, visit www.forpurposekids.com and follow on Instagram and Facebook.
Help connect little hearts and minds around the world and inspire the next generation of global citizens.
“We invite you to come join us on adventures big and small. We'll celebrate our differences and welcome one and all!”- The Global Kidizens
About For Purpose Kids
For Purpose Kids inspires young children to discover a world of global cultures with diverse characters and imaginative stories that build empathy, connection and belonging.  Our Global Kidizen dolls and stories cultivate wonder and acceptance of others around the world by highlighting similarities and celebrating differences through storytelling and play in a unique and fun way.
As part of our development process, we work closely with partners from each country to bring the characters to life, creating authentic, kid-friendly stories about their cultures and communities. Our work would not be possible without our partners, so it’s important to us to give back to the places they're most passionate about, too. For every Global Kidizen doll sold, we make a donation to a non-profit chosen by our partners in their home country. 
Founded in 2016, the mission of For Purpose Kids is to inspire the next generation of global citizens to be full of wonder, and to value acceptance and belonging.  We're a team of storytellers, educators, designers, parents and caregivers passionate about creating imaginative stories and toys that build valuable social and emotional skills. We know, firsthand, how much our hearts have been opened by connecting with others around the world, and we want to share that experience, through play, with more kids and families.
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Misty Castañeda
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Kickstarter Campaign Link: https://bit.ly/2YkcdYD  
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