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How Our Award-Winning Subscription Works

Our quarterly Toolkits teach kids how to be kind, do good and make the world a better place for others, animals and the environment through simple, fun and easy-to-do activities.

What People Are Saying

For Purpose Kids is honored to be a Parents Choice Awards® Subscription Box Winner for 2019!

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Kate Gardner, Mom of 3


"We received our For Purpose Kit in the mail and were so impressed by its contents. The ideas in the book cover a range of options and allow the opportunity for kids of all ages to make a difference in their local communities. The activities have not only sparked conversations within our family about the many ways we can help others, but also has shown my girls that you are never too young to be a giver and a doer."

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Sharon Conrad, Happy Grandmother


"My granddaughter is thrilled with her new Do Good Starter kit! She immediately did a puppet show that was funny , creative , & showing helping & kindness. She set up her giving book. Thank you for a wonderful project for us to share!"

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