The Global Kidizen Doll Collection


Can’t decide WHICH doll to get?  Why not get them all?  Receive all 5 Global Kidizen hand-knit dolls with this purchase and take your littles on an adventure around the world!  This set is sure to surprise & delight every member of the family.

Each Global Kidizen Doll is:

  • Hand-knit with love by Artisans in Peru, working within a certified fair trade organization
  • Made with 100% cotton yarn, using non-toxic, eco-friendly dyes
  • Accompanied by its own digital story, which can be accessed as a simple download – making it convenient to share from any phone, tablet or computer.   
  • Each story takes you & your littles on an adventure to discover new cultures, highlighting similarities while celebrating differences in a creative & engaging way
  • We work closely with partners from each country to bring the characters to life, creating authentic, kid-friendly stories about their cultures and communities.  
  • You can learn more about our Development Partners here.

Giving Back to support global communities is a core part of our mission.  

  • A donation is made with the purchase of every Global Kidizen doll to organizations around the world that help children thrive. 
  • You can learn more about our Give Back Partners here

*Knit Hearts sold separately.

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Meet Luna, the Global Kidizen Doll from Peru!  Luna loves learning about everything in the sky (especially the moon!) and dreams about the day when she will get to travel amongst the stars.
Meet Ravi, the Global Kidizen Doll from India!  Ravi loves spending time with, and learning about animals.  His favorite thing to do is to visit the Tiger Preserve with his Dada Ji (his grandfather) and take pictures of the wild animals.
Meet Míng Lì, the Global Kidizen Doll from China!  Míng Lì loves to paint and share the things she feels through her art.  One day, she hopes to travel the world and create beautiful things for herself & others to enjoy.
Meet Mapenzi , the Global Kidizen Doll from Kenya!  Mapenzi loves making music- with her voice, with instruments and just about anything.  Celebrating her culture through music makes her body feel alive and is one of her favorite feelings in the world.
Meet Xander, the Global Kidizen Doll from the United States!  Xander loves celebrations and the joy that they bring.  He loves celebrating many things- a moment in time, the planet and its seasons and holidays, especially new ones from different parts of the world.
Global Kidizen  Dolls, Hand Knit, Multicultural Dolls for preschool from For Purpose Kids

Customer Reviews

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Sue Cullen
My Grandchildren LOVE their Global Kidizen Dolls!

When I saw these dolls, I had to buy all of them! The cuddly quality and feel of the dolls is irresistible! My grandchildren love them all, and my grandson is especially fond of Ravi from India because they share a love of animals. Through the stories and our conversations about the Global Kidizen's homes, we have opened a whole new world of cultural education. It is my hope that introducing this kind of diversity in play will foster our children to embrace people of all cultures as they grow into adulthood.

Amanda McMahan
The Global Kidizen Dolls are beautifully and thoughtfully designed!

The Global Kidizen Dolls are beautifully and thoughtfully designed. Vivid colors and textured stitching inspires investigation of every hand-knit detail. Their size and form are ideal for embracing and prolonged play. The character stories further personify each doll, skillfully relating themes of diversity, tolerance, and self-love, increasing emotional intelligence and empathetic understanding in young children. Well done!

Beautifully made & amazing mission

These dolls are even more beautiful in person (the pictures don't do them justice) – super soft and bright, with the intricate details you only get from quality hand-made products. Even better, is the opportunity to see each character in their own story and learn about different cultures in a fun and authentic way. It's so important for kids to have this exposure from an early age. Highly recommend!

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