Meet Luna, the Global Kidizen Doll from Peru!  Luna loves learning about everything in the sky (especially the moon!) and dreams about the day when she will get to travel amongst the stars.
Meet Ravi, the Global Kidizen Doll from India!  Ravi loves spending time with, and learning about animals.  His favorite thing to do is to visit the Tiger Preserve with his Dada Ji (his grandfather) and take pictures of the wild animals.
Meet Míng Lì, the Global Kidizen Doll from China!  Míng Lì loves to paint and share the things she feels through her art.  One day, she hopes to travel the world and create beautiful things for herself & others to enjoy.
Meet Mapenzi , the Global Kidizen Doll from Kenya!  Mapenzi loves making music- with her voice, with instruments and just about anything.  Celebrating her culture through music makes her body feel alive and is one of her favorite feelings in the world.
FPK Knit Hearts- hand knit toy, fair trade toy for kids, unique gift
Knit Heart
FPK Knit Hearts- hand knit toy for unique baby shower gift
Connecting Hearts Collection- hand-knit hearts representing different emotions
Orange Knit Heart- Courage, Bravery, Adventure
"Color Me Kind" Package
Color Me Kind Tee
Kindness Cards
Kindness Calendar
FPK Book Club- 6 Month Subscription
FPK Book Club- 12 Month Subscription
Global Kidizen Tee
Global Kidizen Tee & Kindness Calendar
Do Good Starter Toolkit
FPK Gift Card
FPK Gift Card
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