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"Connecting Hearts Around the World through Play & Wonder"

For Purpose Kids inspires young children to discover a world of global cultures with diverse characters & imaginative stories that build empathy, connection and belonging.
Our Global Kidizen dolls & stories cultivate wonder & acceptance of others around the world by highlighting similarities and celebrating differences through storytelling and play in a unique and fun way.
We're a team of storytellers, educators, designers, parents and caregivers passionate about creating imaginative stories & toys that build empathy, connection and belonging.
We know, first hand, how much our hearts have been opened by connecting with others around the world, and we want to share that experience, through play, with you & your littles.
Empathy rates have declined more than 40% over the past four decades and leading child psychologists agree that exposing children to diversity at an early age will enlarge their circle of caring and decrease the empathy gap.
This can start at any age, and in fact, the sooner the better.  We know that kids learn through play.  And new research shows that pretend, imaginative play with dolls in particular, provides kids a creative invitation to build social-emotional skills, like empathy and acceptance of themselves and others.  

So we created the Global Kidizen Doll Collection as a fun and simple way to introduce kids to new people and places, to help expand their circle, build empathy and reaffirm the value of everyone in the world. 

We've started out with a small run of dolls representing five different countries, but we need your help to expand our reach so we can include characters from every corner of the world. 

Leading By Example

A large part of our mission at For Purpose Kids is leading by example as a Social Good Company. 

We Source:
Each doll is beautifully hand-knit by Artisans in Peru working within a certified fair trade organization and using non-toxic, sustainable,100% cotton yarn so you know that the dolls are soft, perfect to play and snuggle with, and are safe for your family and our planet.

We Partner:
As part of our development process, we work closely with partners from each country to bring the characters to life, creating authentic, kid-friendly stories about their cultures and communities.  

We Donate:
Because our work would not be possible without our partners- it’s important to us to give back to the places they're most passionate about too. For every Global Kidizen doll sold, we’ll make a donation to organizations chosen by our partners in their home country. 
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Our Team
Misty Castañeda
Misty Castañeda is the Founder & Cultivator of Purpose at For Purpose Kids, an award-winning, social good brand inspiring young children to discover a world of global cultures with diverse characters & imaginative stories that build empathy, connection and belonging. Misty has always had a passion for working with kids and traveling the world. She grew up in Vermont and attended James Madison University, where she graduated with a Teaching Degree in Early Childhood Education. After teaching primary school in the UK after college, Misty returned to the US, knowing that a life abroad would one day be a part of her future. After a successful career in Hospitality Sales & Marketing for over 13 years, Misty left the corporate world in 2013 to both pursue the development of a company focused on connecting hearts around the world. For Purpose Kids, launched in 2016, is the culmination of all her passions, experiences and dreams to create an impactful kids brand. Currently, Misty lives with her husband, Julio, and young son, Matteo, in Orlando, Florida, but can often be found with suitcase in hand off to experience another exciting region of the globe.
Woman on the Rise Award - March 12, 2020
Parents Choice Awards® Subscription Box Winner
Winner of Good Gifts That Do Good
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