Ming Li Global Kidizen doll in front of OneSky Global Centre in Hong Kong

Gift with Purpose- FPK Partners with OneSky for all children in a BIGGER way!

For Purpose Kids is thrilled to be partnering with OneSky for all children in a bigger way this year!

Our Founder, Misty Castañeda, has been connected with this amazing nonprofit for close to 10 years.  To read more about her connection and history with OneSky in both Hong Kong and Vietnam, click here.

With the purchase of each Global Kidizen doll using the link in this post, a 50% donation (that’s $32.00 PER DOLL!) will be made directly to OneSky, supporting their work of partnering with governments and communities in Asia to provide responsive care and safe learning environments so marginalized young children can thrive.

*AND…if you’re interested in purchasing a doll to send to children in OneSky’s programs, please let us know in the notes section of the order and we’ll ship them for you.

More from OneSky:

OneSky began its brand partnership with For Purpose Kids this year because we were striving in different ways to create a world where all children could explore, learn, grow and, most of all, feel loved.

Our supporters know that OneSky is committed to providing responsive care and safe, learning environments so young children can thrive, but you might not know about For Purpose Kids!

For Purpose Kids creates hand-knit, all-natural cotton, fair trade Global “Kidizen” dolls and stories that cultivate wonder and acceptance of others around the world. Families can journey across the globe through imaginative stories with diverse characters.

And…just recently, For Purpose Kids Global Kidizens were awarded the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio’s 2023 Top Toy for Toddlers!

Perhaps more than ever, kids need to see themselves represented in the toys they play with, the books they read, and in the world they interact with daily.

Through our partnership, a 50% donation to OneSky will be made with the purchase of any of the For Purpose Kids’ dolls with this link.

Míng Lì from China is particularly special to the OneSky community because of OneSky’s work in Asia. Not only will children with Chinese heritage see themselves reflected in this beautiful doll but kids and families around the world can learn more about Chinese culture.
Buy a doll for a child in your life. Or if you’re interested in purchasing a doll to send to children in OneSky’s programs, please let us know in the notes section of the order, and we’ll ship them for you.
Misty Castaneda

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