#MayKindnessGrow Kindness Challenge- Come Join Us!

#MayKindnessGrow Kindness Challenge- Come Join Us!

To Our For Purpose Kids Community,

It's been a while since we've posted on our blog here at For Purpose Kids and we have some exciting news!  We have a new heart-centered collaborator joining our team and we can't wait for you to meet her and her family.

Misty (our Founder) met Jennifer while both "Boy Moms" were visiting their "snowbird" parents in Florida last year.  While initially connecting so their three boys could play together, they quickly realized they had a shared vision for the kind of future they wanted for their kids & for the world.  When they met up in Florida again this year, the wheels started turning and it sparked a conversation of the two working together. 

Jennifer & her family live in Indiana and she is now bringing her love of writing & photography to the world of For Purpose Kids- and we are so happy to welcome her!  So stay tuned to more blog posts & photos from the Maas Family and read below about their first project with For Purpose Kids, #MayKindnessGrow. 

- For Purpose Kids

Jennifer Maas- Heart- Centered Collaborator at For Purpose Kids 

“Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the action that we do.” -Mother Teresa-

Over the years I have practiced focusing on what I have, rather than what I do not have. It is not easy, but it holds true now more than ever. Instead of focusing on the cancelled events and the uncertainty of our current state, I am focusing on when I get to spend quality time with my family, May Day when I can be reminded of my truly generous friends and the #MayKindnessGrow Kindness Challenge, using the Kindness Calendar with For Purpose Kids. I am focusing on May and all that it still has in store for me, my family and the For Purpose Kids community!

For me, the month of May symbolizes a time for beginnings, growth and renewed energy. I open the windows, plant my flower boxes and I have a major pep in my step. With an abundance of fresh air I grasp the opportunity to spread my newfound happiness. Despite the current shelter in place, I still find myself especially excited for May because I have the chance to make a difference. I have the chance to spread kindness one day at a time. For Purpose Kids is challenging everyone to join us on an important adventure to grow kindness in the month of May by completing the Kindness Calendar with your loved ones.

For Purpose Kids Kindness Calendar

The calendar is a call to action for both children and parents to take a moment out of your day to do a random act of kindness. Moreover, it is a fun and simple challenge which reminds everyone that kindness begins with us, the parents, in the home. Once that kindness is established at home it can grow and spread throughout the community and touch others in astonishing ways.

One of the inspirations I had for kickstarting the #MayKindnessGrow Kindness Challenge in May was cultivated through a very dear friend of mine who taught me all about May Day (May 1st). On May Day you and your children drop flowers, candy or gift baskets on a neighbors doorstep to help spread love and celebrate the beginning of Spring. Throughout the years I have found this act of kindness extremely touching. This year, placing the Kindness Calendar on a friend or neighbors’ doorstep would be a great way to brighten your day and the day of those around you! Moreover, #MayKindnessGrow is going to be a great way to connect with your children and the community...and to let their creativity shine!

I want to invite you to join us for the #MayKindnessGrow Kindness Challenge and follow along with us @forpurposekids and @maykindnessgrow on Instagram, where I'll be posting pictures of my family & I participating in the daily acts of kindness listed on the For Purpose Kids Kindness Calendar.

To grab your own copy of the calendar, you can purchase it on the For Purpose Kids website here, or stay tuned to our social media for the link to the free download in a few days. 

We'll also be doing some fun giveaways (did someone say FREE TOOLKITS?!?) during the challenge, so make sure to follow along and post pictures of your family doing acts of kindness from the calendar using the hashtag #MayKindnessGrow on Instagram. 

We can't wait to see all of the kindness that is sprinkled around neighborhoods and communities throughout the world so get your kiddos & family ready- who's in?!?

- Jennifer Maas

Heart-Centered Collaborator, For Purpose Kids



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