Meet Luna, the Global Kidizen from Peru!

Meet Luna, the Global Kidizen from Peru!

When we wonder about people and places we don't know, we learn so much more about our world and ourselves- and just how much we all have in common too.

As the Mom of  a seven year old boy, this is one of the most important things I want to teach him.

I want to inspire him and other kids to discover different cultures, embrace others and cultivate a community of belonging for all. I know, first hand, how much my heart has been opened by connecting with others from around the world, and I want to share that experience, through play, with you & your littles.

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We're so excited to highlight the rich and beautiful culture in Peru, because this is where our dolls are made. The talented artisans we partner with have lovingly brought Luna to life and can’t wait for you and the kids in your life to learn about this WONDER-ful place.

Let’s Meet Luna and learn more about her BIG dreams!

Luna, the Global Kidizen from Peru- multicultural stories for kids

¡Hola! (OH-lah) I’m Luna (LOO-nuh) and I’m 9 years old.

Luna, the Global Kidizen from Peru.  Multicultural stories for kids

¡Hola! is how you say “Hello” in Spanish, the language I speak at home.

I’m from Arequipa (air-uh-KEE-puh), Peru, which is in South America. There are many countries on this continent, but Ecuador and Brazil are two that are close by.

Did you know that my name means “moon” in Spanish?

It’s a good thing because my favorite thing is learning about the stars and planets in our great, big sky. My biggest dream is to go up into space and see them up close- but some people laugh and tell me my dreams are too big. But I know, in my heart, that I can make it happen.

Some other FUN things you might like to know about me:

I love playing fútbol (FUUT-bawl) with my brothers and cousins, my favorite thing to drink is chicha morada (CHEE-chuh moh-RAH-duh), and I love wearing overalls- especially my most favorite ones with a moon on the front. They remind me to keep dreaming big, and that makes me feel excited about what’s to come.

Now that we’ve told you all about Luna, we invite you to share her story with the kids in your life and engage in a conversation with them about what seems similar and what seems different between their lives and Luna’s  life.  It is in this discussion that we begin to nurture curiosity and wonder in the minds of our children about different cultures around the world, and this lays the foundation for building empathy* at the earliest of ages.  Something I think we can agree we need a lot more of in this world.

*For additional tips on building empathy in young kids, please don’t forget to grab our FREE DOWNLOAD, available here.


Conversation Guide for you and your littles (best for ages 3-8):

What do you think about when you look up at the sky? Do you want to go to space?

What are some of your biggest dreams? What do your friends think, when you tell them about your dreams?

Do you and Luna like similar, or different things?

Would you like to be friends with Luna? She can’t wait to be friends with YOU!

Global Kidizen Hand Knit Dolls and Multicultural Stories for Kids

Oh, one more thing! As a special offer for our community, we’d like to offer a free gift to welcome Luna into your home.  Use code GLOBALKIDIZENS at checkout for 10% OFF of Luna or any of his friends on our website today!

Our Commitment:

For Purpose Kids is committed to helping kids and families journey through a world of global cultures with diverse characters and imaginative stories that build empathy, connection, and belonging.

Our hand-knit, all natural cotton, fair trade Global Kidizen dolls and stories cultivate wonder and acceptance of others around the world by highlighting similarities and celebrating differences through play and storytelling in a unique and fun way.

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