One "For Purpose Mom" Tells It Like It Is- A Guest Blog Post

One "For Purpose Mom" Tells It Like It Is- A Guest Blog Post

On this week’s blog, we're so excited to feature our first “Guest Blogger”, a For Purpose Mom in Pennsylvania, who ordered our Annual Subscription and started to incorporate ways of doing good in the world with her family and community.  Jolene is a perfect example of how families can begin to make a difference in the world, one kind activity at a time.

Jolene Leisure, in her own words:

Growing up, I always thought I would do big things.

Head to Africa and adopt a child? I'll get my passport.  Donate a kidney to a friend in need? Sign me up! 

But as time goes on and I realize how much I want to focus on my family, and I realize those huge aspirations are not right for this season of life. There are weeks that even volunteering in my local community is challenging.

One way that I've been really grateful to impact my local community and my family at the same time is to serve as a leader in many of my children's activities.

One of those activities is a Girl Scout troop that I'm co-leading for my five-year-old daughter.

There's something magical about children at that age and how they view the world.

One week we talked all about giving back in our local community and how we could do that.  I found a local nonprofit called Caitlin’s Smiles that delivers art materials and kits to children in hospitals.

Being aspiring artists, the girls were all over making cards and letters for the kids who may receive packages.

I went to my local dollar store and bought a couple packs of construction paper and new markers and crayons for less than $10. The girls made numerous cards with inspirational and kind messages for the kids.

They also kept busy for 40 minutes!

Another item that we compiled was something called a Kindness Bag, or Blessing Bag.  

How many times do you see someone that is clearly in need and are at a loss as what to do? 

The girls and I brainstormed what daily things we take for granted and how could help someone that may be displaced from their home or in a tough situation.

Again, I went to my local dollar store and bought some basic items to put into a bag to be given to someone in need. We put in soap, deodorant, granola bars, water, crackers, and other small things like that.  The bags were easy to put together and each scout left with one for their family to use in their communities. We also had some extra supplies from our card making so the girls put in a card or note in each bag too.

I’m so grateful for the chance to give back in my local community and the world.

I may not have a trip to a foreign country in my future but I'm pretty excited that I was able to impact twelve future leaders on a Sunday night.  I often think of this quote from Mother Teresa:

”If you want to bring happiness into the whole world, go home and love your family.” 

I’m looking forward to showing my kids simple ways to show love, compassion and kindness while at the same time just loving them.  And that’s a pretty good purpose for us both!


Jolene- thanks for being a For Purpose Fan and for taking the time to share a bit of your kindness journey with us! 

We know that every little bit of kindness helps and we can’t wait to hear MORE about how you and your For Purpose Kids make the world a better place.

* Our next blog post, to be published on September 26, will talk more about the Kindness Bags referenced in this post, so stay tuned!

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