The Perfect Holiday Gifting Solution for Raising Grateful Kids

The Perfect Holiday Gifting Solution for Raising Grateful Kids


Yep…it’s still all the rage.  And I love it in theory, but I have a hard time with it IRL (that’s “in real life” for those of you, like me, that are bit behind the times).

But when it comes to the holidays, I’m ALL about it- especially because I think it will help support those of us looking to raise kids that are grateful…and not entitled little ______ (I’ll let you fill in the blank here). 

So once again, this holiday season, we’re going to adhere to the Minimalist Approach to Gift Giving for our kiddos with this:

Something They Want,

Something They Need,

Something to Wear,

Something to Read

AND Something to Give to Those in Need.

This concept has been making its’ way around the internet for quite a few years now, but this last bit about giving, is something we added last year because it fit in so nicely with what we do here at For Purpose Kids (and because the rhyme just worked TOO perfectly).

Last year was the first year that I tried this at home with my son and I’ll admit it was easy to do as he was only a year and a half, so there was no “Where are all of the presents?” nonsense to deal with.  And I must say, it worked pretty well.  Here’s a picture of his “Christmas” from 2017 (minus small stocking stuffers- I just can’t give that tradition up!).

For Purpose Kids Minimalist Approach to Gift Giving

Coming back to raising kids that are grateful, my son already has MORE than enough- of everything that he needs.  I want bring him up with the idea of “less is more”, that “things don’t buy happiness” and that “giving is better than receiving”, especially when giving to those in need.  I don’t want him sitting there on Christmas morning thinking “what else did I get?” or worse yet saying “that’s it?”  I want him to understand how fortunate he truly is and for him to be focused more on how we can share what we have with others not as fortunate.

The last reason I love this so much though is much more selfish…I love it because it will help keep ME in check.  I’d love to say that I’m a “less is more” kind of person and that the idea of Minimalism is ever present in my life…but those of you that know me know that this is not the truth.  It is something that I’m working on and mindful of- but I’m the person who buys all of those last- minute things at the counter because I feel like I haven’t bought “enough”…and I want to make a change.

So if you feel like I do and want to give this “a go”, as my friends in the UK would say, here are a few ideas to get you started (with a shameless plug or two for our very own For Purpose Kids stuff!).

1.  Something They Want

This one is pretty obvious and this would be something they’ve been begging for…that is not only at the TOP of their wish list but is also the thing they think they might not get if they dare touch the “Elf on the Shelf”.  This would be something like Fingerlings, Hatchimal Hatchibabies or the LOL BIGGER SURPRISE (because last year’s LOL BIG SURPRISE wasn’t enough?!?).

2.  Something They Need

In my family, this was (and still is) always socks & underwear.  Things probably haven’t changed much, so I would assume these are the types of things that would fall under this category.  This year, I ordered from PALS Socks, a company that makes fun, mismatched socks to teach kids about inclusivity and acceptance that ALSO gives back to kids in need.  I LOVE companies like this!        

But…If socks and undies aren’t your thing and you want to get a little more creative, we think learning about kindness and ways of doing good in the world is something that ALL kids need- so this is where our Global Kidizens could go…(wink wink).

3.  Something to Wear 

Again, the options here are endless and it’s typically not hard to find a nice outfit for your kids at this time of year.  But here we’d like to provide a link to a list of items highlighted by DoneGood, an organization that is connecting consumers to unique mission-driven companies that strive to make the world a better place (like us!).  Click here to shop consciously this year. 

4.  Something to Read

There are some awesome books for kids out there this year so this one shouldn’t be too much of a stretch.  Although I stuck to “silly” and got my son Dragons Love Tacos 2, The Sequel this year, some of my favorite books about kindness this year are below.  I guess the only good thing I can think of about a world filled with unkindness is a growing number of resources to combat it.

Be Kind by Pat Zietlow Miller and illustrated by Jen Hill

All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold & Suzanne Kaufman

Come With Me by Holly M. McGhee and illustrated by Pascal Lemaître

5.  Something to Give to Those in Need

My mom started doing this for my siblings and I a few years ago when really didn’t have a need for things like Cabbage Patch Kids anymore.  We loved the idea and have continued it ever since.  She asks us which organization we’d like to support, so each year we get to spread the goodness around to different causes.

Now is a great time to start this tradition in your family and carry it on for years to come.  If you need help finding a cause to support, check out the organizations we support through For Purpose Kids here, or you can send us an email and we’d be glad to help.  Whether you’d like to support with a donation, by volunteering your time, or both, this is a great opportunity to share with your kids the joys of giving.

If you’d like to join us with our new approach to gift giving, let us know how it goes on social media using #globalkidizens.  We’ll keep you posted on how we do as well…even if we go a bit “outside” of the lines.

We’d also like to offer you, our For Purpose Community, 15% OFF ALL things For Purpose Kids.  Use code TOPTOY at checkout and give gifts this year that will inspire the next generation of global citizens!

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